BioNTech IMFS Expands Production Capacities


To prepare for further growth in demand for cell and gene therapy products, e.g. for CAR-T and T-Cell immunotherapies, BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services will significantly increase its production capacity by doubling cleanroom space and expanding development and quality control areas in a new facility.


This strategic expansion of BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services also to enable production of commercial quantities of cell and gene therapy products for our customers is a major milestone in our manufacturing history,” said Dr. Klaus Kühlcke, Managing Director of BioNTech Innovative Manufacturing Services. Sean Marett, COO of BioNTech, added: “We continue to invest heavily in individualized manufacturing. CAR-T and TCR autologous therapies are expected to play an important role in the treatment of cancer and state-of-the-art, single patient batch manufacturing of such therapies in sufficient capacity is critical to that role.”



The subsidiary is also responsible for the manufacturing of BioNTech´s proprietary, leading-edge mRNA immunotherapy programs including its individualized IVAC® cancer vaccines for clinical development, complementing a second BioNTech mRNA manufacturing facility currently under construction.